Pulsating Rhythms – Fiesta Feeling – Latin Carnival!


Linda Fekete is a well-known and beloved actress and singer, star of RTL Klub’s popular TV series Drága Örökösök, as well as several theatre plays. Hungary’s number one latin diva and her band brings a real fiesta feeling to the stage and the audience.


The band’s style combines latin pop, latin rock and ska music. The band foundation was inspired by a passion for latin music and culture. Their performances offer audiences a real joyful music with temperament. Fuelled by soul and passion, this is music without boundaries that fills you with energy. Through pulsating rhythms and thrilling melodies, their concerts offer that certain latino feeling of life, which is reflected in their performance style. Their shows are a two-in-one experience: concert and party.


Their creed is “To transmit the joy and energy comes from latin music to everyone who honours us and attends our concerts.”


Come and experience the fiesta!